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What our users are saying

  • We have The Cubbie in our mainstream school since last September. It has already impacted very positively on the lives of the children who use it daily . Children, parents and staff report calmer , happier, and more settled children. Children look forward eagerly to their time in the Cubbie and more importantly the children return to their class , ready to participate in the class work . David and his team have been very helpful and customer service is second to none.

  • Initially we investigated buying the Cubbie to support autistic students with sensory overload. After installation, it quickly became obvious that 'Cubbie' is not just useful for autistic people it is for useful everyone - neurotypical people as well. At some stage in our busy lives, we can all suffer from sensory overload and using Cubbie for 10/15 minutes can help us regulate and get back on track. Equally, some of us may be too calm and lack motivation, in which case Cubbie can help to alert our senses and promote positive interaction with learning. Our students really enjoy and are benefitting from using Cubbie.

  • Cubbie are a great company to work with and their product is changing the lives of students. Every person that we have come into contact with in the company has been professional, passionate and approachable no matter what the query. The Cubbie Senory Hub itself is loved by our students, there is no stigma attached to its use and it allows our students to be more participative in class as they pre-empt and prevent sensory issues.

  • The Cubbie has been a fantastic addition to the playroom particularly for children with developmental needs. On a number of occasions children with developmental needs have come in for clinical review and often become distressed and upset in the clinical environment of the outpatient department. When brought to the Cubbie, they have settled, and it has allowed for a very meaningful clinical visit without causing distress or anxiety for the child or their parents. We also have a number of children with additional needs admitted to the ward. The Cubbie has allowed them to take a break from the clinical environment and the children are much happier and less anxious as a result, particularly those children with significant sensory needs. 
    Dr Aisling Lyons Consultant Paediatrician SI Neurodisability University Hospital Galway

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cubbie Hubs wheelchair accessible?+

Yes. Cubbie Hubs are manufactured to the Irish Wheelchair Association design guidelines.

What age group is Cubbie suitable for?+

All ages. Universally designed, Cubbies are suitable for both young and old.

Who should use Cubbie?+

Anyone. Cubbie is a safe space for both the neurodiverse and neurotypical.

Are Cubbie Hubs hygienic?+

Yes. They are straightforward to clean because of their wipeable flat surfaces. Cubbies are built to hospital-level hygiene recommendations..

Do I have space for a Cubbie Hub?+

We’ll check for you. Cubbies use a small space. A member of our team will visit your site and help you find the perfect location.

Are there any building alterations needed to install Cubbie?+

Generally no. Cubbies are modular and built on-site by our team, requiring no building modifications or planning.

Where is Cubbie manufactured?+

Cubbie is an Irish company that manufactures in Ireland and the UK.

Is a Cubbie robust?+

Yes, a Cubbie is made of steel.