• Sensory Care Re-Imagined

    Cubbie’s person centered care, reduces time lost caused by sensory overloads

  • What is Cubbie exactly?

  • What educators are saying

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  • What Cubbie does.

    Cubbie’s pre-empts and prevents sensory overloads, manages school care resources and measures and tracks pupil progress.

    Impact in Schools

    Sensory overloads disrupts the school routine, causing lost time, isolation, stress and poor education outcomes for all

    Cubbie Benefits

    Schools using Cubbie see Improved curriculum uptake, reduced disruption in class and happier students engaged in school activities.

  • Schools

    How we can help.


    Through Cubbie’s secure web based dashboard, educators can access and assess the needs of their students.
    • Creating New Profiles
    • Request sensory programmes
    • Manage support staff
    • Maintain scheduling



    Cubbie’s proactive approach balances the students sensory needs, alerting or calming their senses to the optimum level.
    • Less Disruption
    • Better participation
    • Increased curriculum uptake
    • Happier Students



    Cubbie’s software generates reports showing improvements in behaviour participation in an easy to read format
    • Track Progress
    • Keep Notes
    • Auto Alerts
    • Statistics
    • Inspector reports

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